The Different Levels Of Ecig Liquid

3When you found the right flavor and nicotine level that fully satisfies your cravings, that is when you will enjoy using ecig liquid.  Nowadays, there are actually hundreds to even thousands of flavors that you can purchase in the market. Purchasing the best flavor will be a lot easier on the other hand if you are going to narrow down your selection to the most reliable vendors today.

The nicotine liquid is sometimes called as e liquid or e juice and could also be flavored to fit anyone’s mood or taste. Vapors in addition may also enjoy unlimited combination of flavors and different nicotine levels that may be modified to any mood or taste. Similar data about this are disclosed at The strength actually varies from 0mg of nicotine to the maximum of 54mg of nicotine.  It makes sense that they will enjoy a lot from using high levels of nicotine for heavy smokers; for light smokers on the other hand, they can enjoy light or moderate levels.

No matter what your tastes and needs are, you will probably find a concentration of the Best e liquid that is perfect for it! This is vitally important because users have got the option of lowering dosage of nicotine on gradual basis.  In comparison to tobacco cigarettes, the nicotine level is fixed causing them to be addicted to it.  There are so many users who prefer vape nicotine free liquid in an effort to justify their smoking habits.

For most individuals, getting to 0mg nicotine juice is the goal to completely stop smoking and stop craving for cigarettes ever again.  To begin with, try higher strength level similar to 24mg nicotine, try to see how it suits you and how it satisfies your cravings.  Then from there, you can gradually lower the level to the point you reach 0mg strength.  Most of the time, the concentration level is usually found on the bottle of juice in ml/mg format.

Don’t expect that there is a standardized level for the juice as different manufacturers have their own dosing levels.  Below are the general guidelines on how manufacturers are creating their juice.

For nicotine free juices, it contains 0mg of nicotine, VG and/or PV and its flavoring.  For lower strength flavors, it only has 4 to 8 mg of nicotine per milliliter, for mid strength, it has 10 to 14mg of nicotine per milliliter, high strength on the other hand has 16 to 18mg per milliliter and for extra high strength, it has 24 to 54mg per milliliter. But let me warn you about this, using 54 mg of nicotine is so strong that it may affect your health. For additional information, visit the site at


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